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Silver Rains
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This is a secondary account created solely to share vector resources. If you would like to see my original works, get custom work done for you, or just get to know me, find me at SilverRainclouds.

Everything in this gallery is free for you to use for any purpose as long as you credit me!

:bulletwhite: No credit needed for color guides or cutie marks used.
(As long as you don't claim them as your own work.)
:bulletwhite: If you cannot include a link to the original, tag me (SilverRainclouds) as the artist.
:bulletwhite: I would prefer you didn't make blank 'bases' from my work.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
What's a vector?
The word vector means a lot of things, but in this context, vectors are images created with MATH! Specifically, vector graphic is a kind of image created from points, lines and curves, which are infinitely resizable.

How do you create vectors?
It's a fairly simple process, but it is rather hard to explain. I suggest looking at MLP-VectorClub's tutorials section if you want to learn how to create your own!

Which program(s) do you use?
I use Adobe Illustrator to create my vectors. I have also used Inkscape in the past.

AI files? Why not SVGs?
I use Adoble Illustrator, and the native format of Illustrator is AI. While SVG is the standard vector format, I believe AI files are the most convenient and useful for me to give you. Inkscape can open AI files just as well as it opens SVGs made in Illustrator, and obviously Illustrator makes the best use of its own native format.

Do you use pictures from the show (MLP:FiM) as a base for your vectors?
Yes. Everything in this gallery was created from something in MLP:FiM for use as vector resources. Some things are edited or modified quite a bit, but it pretty much all starts with a screenshot. For work of mine that isn't based on screenshots, see me at SilverRainclouds.

Can I use your work for ___?
Feel free to use the work in this gallery for whatever you want, as long as you credit me.

Do you take requests?
I will take requests to create resources only. I will not do custom work for free, sorry!

How about commissions/art trades?
If you want to commission me or instigate an art trade please contact me at SilverRainclouds.

Why two accounts?
So I can keep my resources separate from my original work. This makes it easier for you to find resources (or ignore them), as well as makes it way easier for me to organize.

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